before you enter...

this site will feature gore! not real gore but blood and guts and bones are a persistent theme.. we are named molars, after all. As well, in my decor collections, there will be flashing lights and possibly paranoia-inducing imagery. The things in our collections aren't neccesarily our beliefs and if you want to know our opinions they're displayed everywhere else in the site.

We're the molars, a teenage d.i.d system trying to make it on this silly world.

Most alters are ok with he/they/it, but we prefer to be reffered to in the plural unless youre talking about a specific alter, or unless youre talking to someone who doesnt know we're a system. (I.E instead of "molars went out today, he's doing good" it'd be "the molars went out today, they are all doing good".) Our identity is fragmented so there is no one person named molars. we appriceate it if you dont refer to someone who doesnt exist!

We are autistic and physically disabled, and a full-time student with 12 hour school days so updates are sperratic. Plus we barely know html and are still learning :')